Prepaid Lawn Sprinkler Programs

We offer a variety of sprinkler system start-up, maintenance and service packages

Plan A


(single call April - June)

Maintenance and service of irrigation system with reset and schedule control panel (access to timer required)

  • Change backup power supply for controller
  • Properly clean area around each sprinkler head to ensure correct performance
  • Check and adjust all individual sprinkler heads
  • Ensure proper solenoid valve operation
  • Advise client of any damages and repair if authorized
  • Materials and additional labour (if required) are extra

Plan C


(single call July - September)

MidSeason check up of irrigation system

  • Recheck performance and operation of all sprinkler heads, valves and control panel
  • Readjust settings of control panel to compensate changes in weather patternsĀ 
  • Advise of any necessary alterations needed to enhance system performance
  • Suggest changes or relocation requirements if heads are obstructed due to plant growth
  • Complete all changes or alterations if authorized and time permits
  • Materials and additional labour (if required) are extra
For more information on any of our maintenance and service packages,
please call us at 905-201-1083, email or send us a message