Are you covered by Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)?
As is ethically required by provincial law for Irrigation Contractors, we remit WSIB premiums on behalf of our employees in the event of a workplace injury We assure a current status of coverage at all times. Hiring companies that are not in compliance makes the project owner — you — liable in case of workplace injuries. Ask to see our Certificate of Clearance at any time and we will issue you a copy
Do you have Liability Insurance?
We carry liability insurance to protect all clients from the expense of any unforeseen workplace incidents that might damage your own or neighbouring properties. Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance before we start the project; it should states any particulars and shows coverage of $2 million commercial general liability, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage
Do you offer clients a written Contract for your services?
We provide a written and signed contract to protect your interests and give you peace of mind. Having a contract clearly identifies all details such as payment schedules, work start dates, and the complete scope of the project. we address areas of responsibility, such as the provision of underground service locates, permits, etc
Do you offer a Warranty on your work?
We proudly offer a two year complete warranty on all labour and materials as standard procedure
What is your customer service like?
We have fully staffed office administration, installation and service divisions within our firm. Our office administration consists of both a booking department and an accounting department. If you simply need to book an appointment or have a question concerning billing, our assistants are here to serve you. We also offer technological staff available for questions of a technical nature. No matter what size the project may be, our staff are ready. Client testimonials are available and perhaps the best indicators of our abilities
What Certifications do you have?
We insist on a high level of training and experience of all personnel. Certification and Education through the CIC programs offered by The Irrigation Association helps our firm stand out and excel with skilled and committed employees.
We are pleased to provide proof of our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor certifications
Do you carry all the equipment needed to do the job?
Our vehicles and equipment are kept up to date and are well maintained so we may complete the job effectively and efficiently. It is important that each of our trucks is fully stocked from our warehouse prior to arrival on your site
What os the scope of your expertise?
Although each site is distinctly different, we pride ourselves on having the specific expertise in various disciplines which are required. Our technicians are prepared for the plumbing, electrical and mechanical aspects put into each installation
How many years have you been in business?
Green Grass Lawn Sprinklers has more than twenty years of strength in the field of Irrigation. We will continue to strive and achieve excellence in the next twenty
Do you have a company facility?
We have an active office, warehouse and equipment storage facility located in Markham. Our facility enhances our ability to deal effectively with each situation as required before, during and after the construction process. Giving you comfort in the knowledge of prompt ability to engage in your needs is important to our way of operating
What are the benefits of Irrigation?
A well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained irrigation system will  be the most efficient way to keep your landscape healthy. The benefits of your Automatic Irrigation system includes:

  • Reduced labour for watering
  • Convenience
  • Full landscape coverage
  • Easy control over irrigation timing for early-morning watering
  • Added value to your home or business property

  • Minimized plant loss during drought